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The Keystone Incorporation Committee is a Colorado 501(c)(4) Corporation created for the purpose of managing the incorporation of Keystone as a town in Colorado.

Board of Directors

President Ken Riley

Vice-President Tim Huiting

Secretary Gretchen Davis

Treasurer Hilary Hoffman

Directors Terry Craig

Kevin Linehan

Dennis McWherter

Doyle Richmond

Christine Scanlan

Erich Swartz

Elle B Willson


Communications Chair Elle B Willson

Petitions Committe Kevin Linehan, Gretchen Davis, Valerie Thisted

Fund Raising Chair Ken Riley

Keystone Incorporation Committee

Scott Binder Keystone Ranch

Terry Craig East Keystone

Gretchen Davis The Pines

Hilary Hoffman Key Condo

Tim Huiting The Sanctuary

Scot Jardon Business Owner

Cyrus Keel Snowdance/Business Owner

Sarah Keel Snowdance/Business Owner

Nini Koch Flying Dutchman

Bob Lepkowski

Kevin Linehan West Keystone Ranch

Julia Metzger  Settlers Creek Estates

Gary Miller Mill Creek

Jan Nadolink The Enclave

Julie Olsen Loveland Pass Village

Paula Paul Tennis Townhomes

Shevy Rashidi Business Owner

Peter Reeburgh Business Owner

Doyle Richmond Loveland Pass Village

Ken Riley Soda Spring

Christine Scanlan North Fork

Terry Startzel  Alders Townhomes

Erich Swartz West Hills

Valerie Thisted North Fork

Dennis McWherter Silvermill

Jim Web Alders

Elle B Willson Lakeside 

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