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What is Home Rule?

The  Home Rule page will describe what a Home Rule town is and how it differs from a Statutory town.  In the March 28th Incorporation Election, Keystone voted to become a Home Rule town which means they must write a Home Rule Charter.  This page contain information about the Charter Commission, the meetings that were held, and finally the proposed Charter that they approved. The Charter Commission concluded their work on June 26th and here is a copy of the approved Charter that was submitted to the Election Commission for the Charter election which is scheduled for September 26, 2023.

Approved Home Rule Charter

How Does a Charter Get Created?

  • The citizens of Keystone voted to incorporate as a Home Rule town on March 28th and a Charter Commission was elected.
  • The Charter Commission will have the support of attorneys and other consultants with expertise in drafting a Charter, and a majority of the Charter will be guided by State law.
  • The Keystone community members will have an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the draft Charter before registered voters vote to adopt the Charter.
  • Similar to a constitution, town Charters may be amended as deemed necessary by registered voters.
  • After a town Charter is adopted, the registered voters will have an opportunity to run for a Town Council.  The Town Council will be responsible for drafting more specific ordinances, etc.

Home Rule Charters

There has been some confusion and uncertainty as to what is all contained in a Home Rule Charter.  We sometimes refer to it as the "constitution" for the town - describing how the town government is structured and how it operates.  Below we have included a link to a model charter provided by the National Civic League which provides an outline of how a charter can be constructed.  We have also included three examples of charters for nearby communities:  Dillon, Silverthorne and Frisco.

Examples of Home Rule Charters from Nearby Communities

Home Rule Charter - Dillon  Home Rule Charter - Frisco  Home Rule Charter - Silverthorne

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