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Election Dates

Town Council Election

Election Results

This election will be to elect the mayor and six Town Councilmembers.  See the Town Council page for more information about running for Town Council.


Charter Election

This election will be a vote on the proposed Town Charter approved by the Charter Commission.  If the Charter is approved, Keystone will become a Home Rule town and will proceed to the third election to elect the Town Council and Mayor.  If the Charter is not approved, the Charter Commission can revise the Charter and submit to the Election for one more attempt to pass a Charter.  

Proposed Home Rule Charter

Election Results

Incorporation Election

March 28, 2023  - Completed

Sample Ballot

Voter Guide

Election Timeline

This election determined that Keystone will incorporate as a Home Rule town and also elected the Charter Commission to write the Home Rule Charter for the town.  Election Results


There are often misconceptions about who the active registered voters are in Keystone and where they are located.  There were 961 active registered voters as of December 22nd, 2022 and they are fairly evenly distributed across all the Keystone neighborhoods. A voter is considered active if they've voted in the most recent elections or updated their address or other registration information.  A voter is considered inactive if their county clerk receives retutned mail marked "undeliverable". Click the link above to see a chart showing the location of all active registered voters.

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