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Town Council Election Results

These results are now official.

Election Day:  Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Total Number of Ballots Received:   298

Mayoral Election

Ken Riley


255 Votes

Town Council Election

As per the Keystone Town Charter, the three candidates with the top three vote totals are elected to four-year terms and the candidates with the next three highest vote totals are elected to two-year terms.  This ensures a staggering of Town Council members so that only half of the members are newly elected in each election.

Dan Sullivan

Gretchen Davis

Aaron Parmet

Sarah Keel

Valerie Thisted

Carol Kerr

Jon Hagenow

Nick Bjugan

Barbara Mertus Munyon

229 Votes

206 Votes

202 Votes

188 Votes

187 Votes

154 Votes

150 Votes

128 Votes

  95 Votes

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