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Charter FAQ's

The purpose of this page is to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions that are received by the Charter Commission regarding Home Rule Charters and the workings of the Charter Commission.  By posting answers to these questions in a common location, everyone has access to the same consistent information.  If you have any questions or feedback, they can be submitted to KeystoneCharterCommission@gmail.com.


What is the timeline for completing the Charter?

The Charter Commission has set a goal of completing the proposed Charter sometime in June and believes that will be sufficient time, but their work will continue as long as is needed to complete the process and Colorado statues allow.

Posted: 4/24/23


How many opportunities will there be for public input?

Colorado law requires at least one public hearing as part of the process for drafting a Charter.  The Charter Commission has discussed offering more opportunities for public input throughout the process but decisions of when they will occur and in what format have not been decided yet.  In addition to public hearings, any questions may be submitted to KeystoneCharterCommission@gmail.com or mailed to PO Box 5928, Dillon, CO 80435 and answers will be posted here on the FAQ page.

Posted: 4/24/23


Has the Charter Commission done any research on the topic of second homeowner voting in future town elections?

The topic of second homeowner voting, along with how to ensure representation from other constituent groups such as employees who work in Keystone but live elsewhere, and commercial businesses, will be discussed at a future meeting date which will be announced in advance.  Between now and then, research is taking place by Commission members on these topics and the results of that research will be discussed at the meeting where this topic is covered.

Posted: 4/24/23


Will the Charter Commission publish feedback and/or questions it receives from various channels provided, i.e. website, email, US Mail?

The Charter Commission will publish answers to questions it received that related to the Charter process on the IncorporateKeystone.com website on the FAQ page under the Charter tab.  There has been no decision made as to whether it will publish the public feedback it receives.

Posted: 4/24/23


Where can the public get copies of the documents provided to the Commission members at public meetings?

All documents distributed prior to or during a meeting, i.e. Notice of Meeting, Agenda, and any handouts distributed for discussion at the meeting, as well as any outputs from the meeting including minutes and copies of resolutions that are passed, are accessible on the IncorporateKeystone.com website under the Charter -> Charter Commission Meetings tab.

Posted: 4/24/23


How many residents are there in Keystone?

Based on 2020 census data, there are approximately 1298 inhabitants in Keystone.

Posted: 5/18/23


How many non-residents are in Keystone?

No definitive data is available.  The county does not collect information in that level of detail.  There are approximately 3500 condos/single family homes in Keystone.  In addition, there are almost 200 workforce housing apartments in Wintergreen and there are approximately 2100 beds of seasonal workforce house in Keystone.

Posted: 5/18/23


Of the projected yearly revenue, how much comes from residents vs. non-resident?  

A complex question and difficult to provide a definitive answer.  The primary revenue for the Town of Keystone will be based on the Summit County 2% sales tax and Workforce Housing sales tax which will be provided to the Town.  Most of this revenue will be paid by visitors to Keystone, and not residents and non-residents.  The Town of Keystone will have no property tax.

Posted: 5/18/23


Is the Charter Commission committed to full transparency and meeting the requirements of the Colorado Open Meetings Laws and the Colorado Open Records Act?

The Charter Commission members value transparency and compliance with the Colorado Open Meetings Law and the Colorado Open Records Act.  All Charter Commission meetings are open to the public.  People can attend the meetings in person and remotely via the Zoom link.  Notice of the Charter Commission meetings are posted on the front door of the Keystone Center and on the Incorporate Keystone website at least 24 hours in advance of the meetings.  No Charter Commission decisions are made outside of these publicly noticed meetings.  In addition, all meeting materials and records of the Charter Commission are available on the Keystone Charter Commission's webpage located at https://IncorporateKeystone.wildapricot.org/page-18064. If people would like to request these records, an email request can be sent to KeystoneCharterCommission@gmail.com.




Have all Keystone Property Owners been emailed that the Town Charter is being written and are you interested in informing everyone of the draft Charter content and hearing their inputs?

The Charter Commission is committed to contacting and receiving input from all of the Keystone Community about the Home Rule Charter being drafted. There is no available email list for Keystone Property Owners or Registered Voters.  However, all Keystone Property Owners were mailed a notification of the District Court filing for Keystone to become incorporated and to form a Home Rule Charter Commission.  That mailing included the IncorporateKeystone.com website as well as an email address to obtain additional information or answer any questions.  In addition, as the Charter Commission was formed, an email was sent to over 500 email addresses of property owners, registered voters and business owners on the Keystone Incorporation Committee email list, as well as over 300 email address on the Keystone Citizens League email list.  Additionally, the Keystone Owners Association forwarded the email to all 62 HOA member boards for distribution to their owners.  Follow up emails on the Charter Commission progress, requests for comments and questions, and an invitation to the "listening" Town Hall meeting were sent to the same addresses.  After the Home Rule Charter is drafted, and before final approval by the Charter Commission, a second Town Hall is planned to receive public input on the Draft Charter and answer questions.  The draft charter will be available for review by anyone in advance of the second Town Hall.




Will the Town of Keystone govern its own STR program?

Yes.  After incorporation, responsibility for the STR program will transfer from Summit County to the Town of Keystone.




Should the Charter provide for election for the Town Council by district or at-large?

Use the link below to access the Pro's vs. Con's view of this question.

District vs. At-Large




Should citizens with a felony conviction for a financial related crime be able to run for elective office?

Use the link below to access the response to this question.

Views on Felony Convictions




What should the role stakeholder/non-elector participation in the Town of Keystone?

Use the link below to access the document representing the different views on this topic.

Stakeholder/Non-Elector Participation




What should the age limit be to hold elective office in the Town of Keystone?

Use the link below to access the views on this question.

Age Limit to Hold Office




What will happen to property tax revenues from Keystone homeowners once the Town of Keystone is incorporated?

Today, all property taxes on property in Keystone go to Summit County to fund county-wide services such as the School District, fire and emergency services, and other agencies. That will continue to be true once Keystone is incorporated.  None of the property taxes from Keystone homeowners will go to the Town of Keystone.  There will be no property taxes assessed by the Town of Keystone unless a future Town Council would decide to do so at a later date (this would require voter approval of the property tax), but it is not anticipated that that would happen because of other funding sources available to the town.




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