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What is Home Rule?

There are two forms of municipal government in Colorado - statutory and home rule.  Keystone will become a home rule municipality if (a) the voters approve the formation of a Charter Commission, and (b) the voters approve the charter at another election after the Charter Commission drafts a proposed charter.

Home rule is the term used for the status of a city or town which has adopted a charter as its governing document.  Home rule status is authorized by Article XX of the Colorado Constitution and allows cities and towns which elect such status to legislate and govern on matters of local concern in accordance with the charter rather than by relying on state statutes.  Home rule is a form of government under the control of local citizens rather than state government.

TOPIC #6 - Why Form a Charter Commission and Become a Home Rule Town

  • A Home Rule model is consistent with the towns of Dillon, Silverthorne, Frisco and Breckenridge (see their Charters below)
  • A Home Rule model would allow Keystone more authority to shape solutions to fit the needs of the town than Summit County currently has under state statutes.
  • A Home Rule town's government is under control of local citizens rather than the State.
  • A Home Rule town's power and authority are derived from the town's Charter and Ordinances and generally are not limited by state statutes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Rule

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