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In the Keystone Home Rule Charter election, which closed at 7:00 pm Tuesday, September 26th, the registered voters in Keystone passed the proposed Home Rule Charter.  There was a total of 346 votes cast, with 83.2% voting in favor of the proposed Charter. 

The next step will be to elect a Mayor and six Town Council representatives.  That election is tentatively scheduled for January 30th, 2024.  More information on the process of running for Mayor or Town Council will shortly be available on the Council tab of this website.  In addition, the Keystone Incorporation Committee will now begin the formal process of planning the transition to a town.

Final Election Results

Approved Keystone Home Rule Charter

Charter Commission Approves Proposed Charter

On Tuesday, June 28th, the Keystone Charter Commission approved the proposed Keystone Home Rule Charter in a 9-0 vote.  The proposed Charter has now been forwarded to the Keystone Election Commission.  The Election Commission met on Thursday, June 29th and set the date for the Charter election for Tuesday, September 26th.   Only registered voters in Keystone are eligible to vote on the Charter.  More information regarding when ballots will be mailed and when the Keystone Polling Center will be open will be available soon.  There will also be another Town Hall prior to the election date at which time the Charter will be presented in more detail.

Proposed Keystone Home Rule Charter      Sample Charter Election Ballot

Charter Election Scheduled

Voters will approve, or disapprove, the proposed Home Rule Town Charter in the next Keystone election:  7 am to 7 pm, Tuesday, September 26.  Ballots will go out by USPS mail after Labor Day.  Ballots should be returned by mail to be received by the Election Commission no later than September 26th.  Additionally, ballots can be dropped in person at the Keystone Policy Center, 1628 Sts. John Road in Keystone.  The Election Commission will man the ballot drop-off on the following dates and times:

  • Saturdays - 7 am to 7 pm (September 9, 16, 23)
  • Monday - 7 am to 7 pm (September 25)
  • Tuesdays - 7 am to 7 pm (September 12, 19, 26)
Sample Ballot

Town Hall Scheduled

Join your neighbors at the Keystone Policy Center for a Town Hall

PowerPoint Presentation from the Town Hall

Date:         Tuesday, September 12th

Time:         6:00 pm

Location:   Keystone Policy Center

                   1628 Sts. John Road

                    Keystone, CO

What will be presented?

  • Charter Facts about what the Home Rule Charter does, and what it leaves for the Town Council to decide.
  • The Essentials of September voting, the next election, recruiting and vetting Town Council candidates.
  • Insider Information about transitioning policies, road work, planning, etc.

The results are now official.

No additional votes were received after the March 28th election date so the results previously reported remain the same and are now official.

On March 28th, the registered voters of Keystone voted to incorporate as a Home Rule town.  The results are now official as no additional votes came in after March 28th.  There were 431 votes cast on the incorporation question with 67.52% voting Yes and 32.48% voting No.  On the question of Home Rule, there were 424 votes cast with 73.82% voting Yes and 26.18% voting No.  On the same ballot, nine of the thirteen candidates were to be elected to serve on the Charter Commission that will write the Charter for the town of Keystone. 

Complete Vote Results

Based on the official results, the top nine vote getters for the Charter Commission are:

Gretchen Davis

Dan Sullivan

Julia M Metzger

Ken Riley

Sarah Keel

Tim Huiting 

William Schorling

Erich Swartz

Valerie Thisted

The Pines


Settlers Creek Estates

Soda Spring I


The Sanctuary

Soda Ridge Road

West Hills

North Fork Estates

Distric Court Judge Certifies Keystone Incorporation Petition.

Keystone founder, Bill Bergman was the first person to sign the Keystone Incorporation petition at the kickoff meeting on August 2nd at The Keystone Center

On December 13th, the District Court Judge certified the Keystone Incorporation Petition and appointed the 9 members of the election commission charged with conducting the incorporation election. This starts the process to hold the incorporation election which by law must occur before the end of March 2023.

On December 14th, a survey was sent to members of the community to determine the level of support for incorporation, and to get a better understanding of what questions or issues still exist.  The input from the survey will help us tailor our communications efforts between now and the election.

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